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Documents collected by various persons and institutions in the course of research and previously hosted by Tobacco Documents Online (TDO). Click on the collection title to explore all documents in that collection.
Cigarette Chemistry
These documents were collected by Dietrich Hoffmann, Klaus Brunneman and colleagues at the American Health Foundation. They focus on cigarette chemistry.
Filter Ventilation and Design
These documents were collected by Lynn Kozlowski and researchers at Pennsylvania State University in their study of cigarette design. The project was funded by two National Cancer Institute grants, 5R01CA095890-02 and 1R01CA095890-01A1. Publication of research findings in: Kozlowski LT. O'Connor RJ. Giovino GA. Whetzel CA. Pauly J. Cummings KM. Maximum yields might improve public health--if filter vents were banned: a lesson from the history of vented filters. 2006 Jun. Tobacco Control. 15(3):262-6.
Joe Camel: FTC Complaint
These documents were collected by the Federal Trade Commission in connection with a complaint filed against RJ Reynolds alleging that the Joe Camel advertising campaign induced young people to begin or continue smoking. More information about the case can be found at the FTC site and in the Mangini Collection here on LTDL.
Industry-Provided Depositions
Depositions and transcripts from the tobacco industry document sites.
Marketing to Women
These documents were collected by Susan Middlestadt and researchers at the Academy for Educational Development in their study of how the tobacco industry targeted marketing to women. The project was funded by National Cancer Institute grant 1R01CA098342-01.
Marketing to Youth
These documents were collected by Michael Cummings and researchers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) to study the tobacco industry's marketing to youth. The collection was posted on Tobacco Documents Online in 1999 as the first online research collection based on tobacco industry documents. The collection's development and indexing was made possible by the support of National Cancer Institute grant #CA77021-03.
Secondhand Smoke
This collection contains documents from the Minnesota and Guildford depositories. The documents were selected primarily, but not exclusively, because they relate to the tobacco industry's misleading campaigns surrounding secondhand smoke.
Ness Motley Law Firm
This collection was donated by the Ness, Motley, Loadholt, Richardson & Poole law firm, which represented 26 states in their suits against the tobacco industry.
Cigarette Alternatives (PREPs)
Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program collection of documents related to potential reduced exposure products.
Product Design
Documents related to product design and function. Includes documents describing the use of additives, tobacco blends, filters, and papers, as well as the effects of these design components and how they relate to product use and acceptance.
Industry Ethics
These documents were collected by Robbin Derry and researchers at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management to study strategic relationships of the tobacco industry and selected stakeholders, to define the ethical obligations of the industry to these stakeholders, and to evaluate its performance in meeting these obligations. The project was funded by National Cancer Institute grant 1R01CA095985-01.
State and Local Strategies
These documents were collected to study tobacco industry activities that were related to state and local regulatory and legislative efforts in the United States. The project was supported by National Cancer Institute Contract No. N01-CP-95030.
Marketing to Military, Minorities, Gays
These documents were collected by researchers at the University of Southern California studying the tobacco industry's marketing to the military, ethnic minorities, and gay people.
Tobacco Products Liability Project (TPLP)
This collection consists of Brown & Williamson and RJ Reynolds documents that are part of the Bliley Special Collection. The Bliley documents are those that defendants in State of Minnesota v. Philip Morris, et al, claimed were privileged or otherwise protected from disclosure which were provided by the defendants to Congressman Thomas Bliley and first published on the U.S. House of Representatives Commerce Committee website in 1997. The TPLP Collection adds indexing that focuses on underlying legal context. This work was supported by National Institutes of Health grant R01 CA 87571.
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California's Tobacco Propositions
Documents detailing the tobacco industry's strategies to defeat or undermine local and state-wide California propositions.

Dutch Tobacco Industry
Documents obtained from the Dutch Government through two large Freedom of Information Act requests in 2000 and in 2011 and given to the Library by Joop Bouma and Maastricht University. Joop Bouma is a Dutch investigative journalist working for the daily newspaper Trouw. He authored The Smokescreen: The Power of the Dutch Tobacco Industry, which examines influence-peddling in the government and media by cigarette companies, as well as behind-the-scenes deals surrounding the tobacco industry in the Netherlands, the largest cigarette exporter in the European Union. See the June 2013 Maastricht University press release for further information on the analysis of the documents. Most documents are in Dutch.

Japan Tobacco International Smuggling
A small collection of documents obtained by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) detailing Japan Tobacco International's (JTI) smuggling activities throughout Russia, Moldova, the Balkans, Afghanistan and the Middle East, and their subsequent cover-up. See OCCRP's investigation, Big Trouble at Big Tobacco, for more information.

Mangini vs. RJ Reynolds: The "Joe Camel" Case
In-depth analysis of the internal documents produced in the Mangini v. RJ Reynolds case; a suit brought by San Francisco attorney, Janet Mangini, challenging RJ Reynolds for targeting minors with its "Joe Camel" advertising campaign.

Pesticide Regulations
Industry documents used in the McDaniel, et al. study "The Tobacco Industry and Pesticide Regulations: Case Studies from Tobacco Industry Archives"

Philip Morris's Sunrise Project
Industry documents used in the McDaniel, et al. study "Philip Morris's Project Sunrise: Weakening tobacco control by working with it"

Plain Packaging
Comprised of a few small collections of documents regarding the plain packaging issue in Australia and the UK. Includes a small collection of internal documents, disseminated by an anonymous whistleblower in 2010, detailing communication between Philip Morris in Melbourne, Australia, and a PR/ad agency hired by PMI, BAT and Imperial Tobacco to work on a campaign against plain packaging.

Passed in 2011, the Tobacco Plain Packaging Act ("the Packaging Act") regulates and standardizes retail packaging and appearance of tobacco products in Australia. In 2011, the High Court of Australia heard Case S389/2411 - British American Tobacco Australasia Ltd and Ors v. The Commonwealth of Australia. This case looked at whether the Packaging Act was unconstitutional with regard to Trade Marks, Copyright Works, the Get Up, licensing goodwill, the Designs, the Patents, packaging goodwill, packaging rights and intellectual property license rights of the tobacco companies. Access the court documents produced during litigation for more information.

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